Cooking has become a lifelong passion for Chef Frank Giglio and shows through all of his culinary offerings. As an independent chef outside of the restaurant industry, he is better equipped to meet the needs of his customer base here in Maine, across the United States, and abroad. From small-intimate dinner parties to larger events, Frank’s ability to weave his unique locally sourced cuisine be seen in all of his creations. Chef Frank brings forth his passion for foraging, food preservation, and a connection to many local farmers and food producers, separating himself from the rest.

photo by Lynn Karlin

photo by Lynn Karlin

Personal Chef For Hire

I’ve had the pleasure of working with a variety of clientele over the years and now extending my services throughout midcoast Maine and beyond. With busy schedules, I know first hand how challenging it can be to feed yourself and your family nutritious and tasty food, without having to spend hours in the kitchen. With work, school, hobbies, and sports, time can be tough to come by. My job is to assist you in getting high quality food on the dinner table with ease and flavor! My passion for utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients comes into play with all my clients meals as well as offering fermented and preserved products like kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, jams, and jellies.

How It Works

To better assist in creating the types of meals you wish to eat, it is best to meet in person or by phone so that I can understand your dietary needs and particular tastes. I will create a revolving menu that is seasonally based and locally sourced. A weekly menu can be provided so you know what your getting each week.

My role is to do the shopping, cook the food, package it accordingly, and provide instructions for reheating. Ingredient lists will be shared as well so you know what goes into each dish.

All dishes are two servings and broken into 10 dishes per client per week which is broken down below.

4 Sides (soups, dips, salads etc)

4 Entrees (5-7 ounce portions of meat or fish, seasonal veggies, and accompanying sides/sauces)

2 Desserts (macaroons, cookies, pie, brownies etc)

Please Fill Out the Contact section below and I will get back to you with pricing and look to schedule a time to connect.


Private Dinner Parties

Looking to bring a restaurant quality meal to your home? I love having the opportunity to cook for others, especially in their homes, where you can relax and enjoy your company without needing to stress over the food and service. Whether a causal family get together or a intimate dinner party, I shine when I get to cook in such a personal manner. After crafting a menu based on your dietary needs and seasonal availability, I take care of all the shopping and advanced prep work. I'll even choose the wine if you'd like or whip up a specialized cocktail for you and your friends to enjoy. On the day of the party I slip into your kitchen a few hours before your guests arrive and get cooking. 

By the time your guests arrive at the door, your home will be filled with enticing aromas. Without having to worry about the food, you can enjoy cocktails and light snacks while I put the finishing touches on the first course. Once ready, I plate and serve each course. Hey, I'll even describe each dish if you'd like! Once the desserts are served, tidy up the kitchen and head out, leaving you to enjoy the remainder of the night without having a dish to wash up afterward.