Egg Week ~ Put an Egg on It!

For those of you who raise chickens in your backyard, you may know what it's like to have heaps of eggs in the pantry at all times. Since I began raising chickens, I have become accustomed to consuming eggs nearly every day, and sometimes, at multiple meals. Eggs are quick to prepare, packed with quality fats, and the perfect delivery system for various sauces and condiments. 

The addition of an egg to your meals adds a good boost of protein without being too dense or overly filling. Adding a soft cooked egg to your meals makes for an instant sauce as you cut open the egg, the yolk slowly oozes over your meal, imparting a nice, creamy texture to rice, salads, or soups. 

From steamed greens to stir-fry, eggs are an inexpensive way to add a nutritious boost to your meals. Here's some of my favorite ways to put an egg on It!

Sunny Side Up over Potato-Beet Rosti W/ Sautéed Greens

This tasty dish was inspired by the last of the storage vegetables slowly phasing out as fresh spring greens and vegetables make their way into the markets. The grated beets and potato were cooked until crispy in duck fat and the greens were sautéed with garlic and butter. 

Soft Boiled Egg in Pho

Slowly simmered broth with aromatic spices, lots of chili, and noodles are a meal I can eat every day! A soft boiled egg provides a creamy sauce that helps to balance out the heat. Since its spring, lots of wild greens get added to the base. Get the recipe here. 

Fried Egg over Slow Cooked Pork Shoulder

I took pasture raised pork shoulder and slow cooked it with the same flavors as this recipe. Once tender, I pulled and shredded the meat, cooked down the liquid to thicken and served over fresh greens and steamed jasmine rice. 

Fried, topped with Cheese, on a charred Tortilla

When a quick meal is needed before heading out to work on the land, this is it. While the egg cooks, I char traditionally prepared tortillas on the burner. Freshly grated Pecorino slowly melts into the warm egg and provides a nice salty taste. 

Fried Egg over Vegetable Stir Fry

In July, milkweed flowers cover our property so plenty of meals like pictured below are served. Wild or Jasmine is our preferred rice and makes for a satiating meal. 

Now its your turn. What's your favorite dish to put an egg on?