Welcome to Farm & Forage Kitchen!

Thanks for stopping by! Farm & Forage Kitchen is a culinary based business, offering value added products, live and virtual cooking classes, recipes, and inspiration to enhance your life through food and a closer connection to nature. This website is the creation of the talented Camille Rose, who helps make the culinary creations of chef Frank get out to the masses with ease and style! She also creates many of the products you will find in our shop. Chef Frank runs the culinary side of the operation, teaching, catering, and creating recipes to share on this website. We are based in midcoast Maine and use the surrounding landscape as a source of inspiration. From gathering our own herbs, fishing for fresh and saltwater species, to creating products for the home, we want to use the land as a place to feed and nourish us.

We were fortunate to fall in love with a sustainably built off-grid home. As we are homesteading and furthering our living-off-the-land commitment, we are sharing our experiences and our passion for this lifestyle with you. We see this place as an opportunity to help build community by creating a destination for others to come learn.

We're not expecting our readers to pack their bags, leave cities, and head out to the woods. Our aim with this website is to assist you in making small, but sometimes life altering changes in your lifestyle.

Our Food Philosophy

“The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility. To cherish what remains of it and to foster its renewal is our only hope.” 
― Wendell Berry

For over 20 years, food has been the way I sustain myself. Literally, the food I eat becomes me. Along with this need to consume food, cooking has been the way I make a living. It influences my travels and different aspects of food consume a good portion of my free time. Days off always involve cooking for the family but it may also include foraging, hunting, fishing, or tending to the gardens. From there, certain ingredients require additional processing to make them edible, more nutritious, or to make them moe palatable. There are no shortcuts in my diet, nor the cuisine I serve my clients. It is my goal to serve authentic food, purposefully prepared, but without failing to create deep flavors and satiating meals. 

Cooking connects me to the surrounding landscape and the seasons, which ultimately depicst what should be harvested and consumed. Tuning into the natural rhythms of the earth bring about balance and a sense of coexistence. By eating a seasonally based diet, I am able to capture ingredients at their peak freshness, maximum nutrition, and flavor. Simple cooking techniques are then applied to enhance the dining experience. An array of food preservation methods are also introduced to help extend their season, which often times, also enhance the levels of flavor and nutrition. 

Time & Place ~

I feel deeply connected to the Maine landscape. As the seasons pass, different ingredients come into season and take up sometimes large portions of my diet. Each ingredient comes to the kitchen with a different quality, flavor, phytochemistry, and influences the way I prepare it. Any bounty will be preserved using a variety of traditional techniques, allowing me to enjoy the taste months beyond the season. 



Frank's culinary offerings stem from his training at the New England Culinary Institute and the culmination of his travels and experiences ever since. Chef Frank's determination for using fresh, high quality ingredients can be seen in all of his delicious creations. Daily inspiration come from seasonal ingredients, be it farmed, foraged, fished or hunted. With a passion for getting his food motivation to permeate the masses, we are here to share these messages with all who have an interest for delicious, high-quality food in their lives.

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Building community is a continual theme in everything that we do. From work parties, to potlucks, to hands on classes that Frank offers, we feel this is the best way to keep people inspired and empowered to make better food choices for themselves and their families.  Whether it is a one day class, or a weekend workshop, Frank's passion for sharing with others is reflected through all of his educational offerings. Click here to view our events.

Here's a bit more about us personally:

We are a young family living in the Midcoast Maine area. In 2012, we purchased an off-grid solar-powered home on 26 acres. With a passion for good food high in nutrition and living sustainably – Camille and Frank are here to share stories, recipes, and random bits and pieces about their daily life – bringing up their sons Wilder and Sunny, growing more and more of their own food, raising animals, working closely with the forest and the land around them, and becoming more in tune with the earth/moon rhythms.

Our goal is to tread lightly on this earth and be stewards of the land by producing the highest quality foods without the detrimental effects of modern-day agriculture practices. Three Lily Farm is here to provide a place where nature, traditional food preparation and primitive skills can be learned and experienced for the betterment of society.

About Chef Frank


Frank Giglio wears many hats. At age 15, he fell in love with the fascinating world of food. Eager and intrigued, he began apprenticing directly under some of the top chefs in the US. This instilled a deep understanding of the creative process in working with food. He became a classically trained chef at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. Years later he would go on to graduate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, a program would change the course of Frank’s cooking and lifestyle.  

While Giglio’s culinary offerings are based in classic technique and traditional foods preparation, he has also been immersed in using food as medicine. Wearing his chef’s hat, he focuses on sustainable cuisine, seeking the highest quality foods grown locally and harvested in season, supporting the crucial farm to table method of preparing food. He remains deeply connected to the local ecosystem around him, foraging, fishing, and hunting as much as possible. Frank creates innovative dishes that are wholesome, full of vitality and have a very small ecological footprint. He is blessed to share this passion with his clients and also with his wife and their young son.

Frank and his family live off-the-grid in midcoast Maine, where he enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors, which he believes directly influences his time in the kitchen. He competes in endurance events through the mountains, prowls the woods for wild edibles, seeks out and collects spring water, seamlessly blending his love of nature with his love for food and authentic nourishment.

Giglio's adventurous culinary offerings have been showcased throughout the health community as Frank is the featured chef for NY Times Best-Selling Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Eats cookbook. Frank has catered weddings, special events, and weekend workshops across the country and regularly feeds guests at Arthur Haines primitive skills courses. Through his many ventures and projects, Frank Giglio is helping to bring the local and sustainable food movement to communities everywhere, making it extremely accessible and incredibly delicious!