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The most effective and comprehensive way to learn how to cook!

Delicious & nutritious meals without enrolling in culinary school, hiring a health coach, wasting time or money on rookie mistakes, or even leaving your own kitchen!

Far beyond an artful interest, cooking is one of the most influential factors in your health care plan.

Unfortunately, we live in a world which runs on convenience. Fast food fuels people across America and beyond, sacrificing flavor and nutrition for quick, easy to access calories.

As a result, cooking has become a lost art and sadly, has been replaced by prepackaged dinners, microwaves, and overly processed foods. The simple idea of cooking meals from scratch, using fresh & seasonal ingredients, has been pushed aside for more modern conveniences.

With the industrialization of our food system we have become disconnected from real food and the direct relationship to our inherent, radiant health.

As despairing as the departure from our health and traditional food preparation is, it is these circumstances that energize and inspire Chef Frank to facilitate a culinary revolution!

Frank is a Chef, Nutrition Educator, Farmer, Wild Food Enthusiast, and Family Man.

Frank draws from the best, most health promoting elements within each of the diet doctrines, looks at them through the lens of sustainability, and applies them tastefully through his craft as a talented Chef.

Here’s the thing about restoring and creating vibrant health for the individual, the family, the community, the country, planet, biosphere, and on, and on…



This is where Chef Frank is going to revolutionize your kitchen.

Having the right cooking tools, nutrition information, learning structure, and teacher, expedite skill development! 

When you have the right information about nutrition, a sustainable way of using and implementing the information, and begin to relate to the practice of cooking joyfully, you will have good results for your life and body!

The good news is that though we all are unique in our physiologies, we still share the same version of the human body. This version of the human body simply is not adapted to thrive on the modern food supply…

Hence the importance of the revival of “real food cooking”.

Chef Frank's Food Philosophy:

My passion for food stems from the desire to live a vigorous and harmonious lifestyle, one that is closely connected to nature. In order to be on top of my game, day in and day out, I choose to eat the foods that will allow my body to excel, as well as my family's, toward greatness. The foods we choose to eat will either encourage or hinder our bodies ability to adapt to the outside world.

With learning to cook wholesome meals, utilizing fresh, nutrient dense ingredients, you can begin to shift your body and mind towards balance. Cooking from scratch is one of our greatest allies when we have the desire to eat, look, and feel good.

Without focusing on one particular diet, my culinary inspiration comes from a melange of dietary principles, utilizing them appropriately throughout the year.Starting with fresh, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients, I used traditional preparations to create a nutrient dense cuisine. 


Literally, your life depends on how and what you cook (or don’t cook)!

This course is not about becoming an iron chef, “hacking” your way out of the kitchen, or becoming a fitness model in six weeks.

This course is about setting you up to cultivate the skills needed to empower you to take responsibility to make a difference for your health, the health of those you cook for, and the health of the planet.

As is with anything valuable, this is not an overnight matter.

It takes practice, commitment, experimentation, and curiosity. 

If you are reading this, you have what the recipe calls for!

This evolutionary cooking process is given velocity under the guidance and teaching of Chef Frank.

Cooking for the sake of cooking is sometimes not enough to bring about a kitchen transformation, however, Chef Frank teaches cooking for the sake of health and creativity. 

This course will teach you to catch, filet, and cook the proverbial fish, not do it for you!

When you complete this course you can expect to: 

☞ Have flow in your kitchen with intuitive design and ease of use

☞Have a well equipped kitchen with useful appliances

☞ Enjoy using a variety of knife skills for functionality and aesthetics of a dish

☞ Use efficient cooking techniques for deliciousness and enhanced nutrition

☞ Whip up homemade kitchen essentials like sauces and condiments while sparing yourself the cost of the preservatives, chemicals, or rancid oils in store-bought products

☞ Know what herbs to use to create bold flavors with infusions, extracts, teas, and oils 

☞ Save on your groceries without cutting corners or coupons

☞ Take pleasure in culinary crafting & think like a chef when someone asks "What's for dinner?"

☞ Know how to design a menu and create delicious, seasonal meals.

☞ Support local, organic, and sustainable farming practices with ease

☞ Know what to eat to optimize your health

Wondering what's on the course syllabus?


(Delivered prior to course beginning, and can be utilized throughout the course)

Kitchen Setup - Creating your healthy lifestyle kitchen

This pre-study is all about stacking the odds in your favor. In this lesson, we will assess your cooking goals, equipment and ingredients in our homes and evaluate your needs and necessities. 

In order to effortlessly cook delicious and nutritious meals day in and day out, one must understand the basic fundamentals of cooking. We will focus on stocking your pantry with culinary staples, deciding which equipment is essential for your needs, and learning how to properly shop for the most nutritious foods possible. 

Pre-Study Objectives:

» The Kitchen Sweep - Ridding your kitchen of less than optimal ingredients, and setting up a nutrient dense pantry.
» Shopping - Learn how to utilize the farmer's market, grocery store, and specialty food shops. Saving money/Food security with bulk purchases. 
» Cookware & Equipment - The essential tools of the trade. Worthy Investments and how to get the most of your equipment. 
» Setting up your kitchen for success!


Week 1

Knife and Life Skills

Whether you are a professional or a home cook, having proper knife skills is essential. Cooking food from scratch is one of the most important factors in creating a healthy lifestyle. The more you cook, using fresh, whole foods, the more you are going to need to chop, slice, and dice!

Week 1 will give you the low-down on purchasing the best knife for you, how to use it and how to properly maintain it!. For a tool you will use every day, it is important to keep it in great shape!

Week 1 Objectives:

»The Anatomy of a Knife
» How to Purchase a Knife
» The Cutting Board - Your knive's #1 ally 
» How to chop anything - Knife cuts
» Knife Maintenance
» How to use a Mandoline
» Get the most out of your box grater
» Create dishes utilizing the knife cuts being learned

Week 2

Kitchen Essentials

Week 2 will focus on learning the fundamentals of cooking. From cooking fats to bone broths, you will get the lowdown on Chef Frank's staple recipes which you will draw from for a lifetime of cooking. the general techniques to prepare a wide range of recipes. These are the basic recipes I use as the foundation to meals I create at home, for my family, and my clients.

It is important to have staples such as stocks, broths, sauces, and condiments ready to accompany any meal. This section will provide tips on how to jazz up a meal with already prepared sauces, dips, and dressings. 

Week 2 Objectives:

» Learn Chef Frank's Kitchen Essentials
» Stocks - The backbone of cuisine
» Sauces & Dressings - How to become a sauce boss
» Condiments - Crafty sides to master
» Understanding and processing phytic acid in grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes

Week 3

Plant Food

Roasting, steaming, braising, or keep it raw? Learn Chef Frank's go-to techniques for maximizing flavor and nutrient value in seasonal produce. 

During week 3, we put the focus on plant foods, wild foods, and herbs teaching you how to properly properly process and enjoy the plants. Chef Frank will share his knowledge for wild food cookery and teach you how to easily incorporate various wild plants into your diet.   

Week 3 Objectives:

» Top 5 techniques for cooking seasonal produce
» Eating raw - a balanced approach
» Learn how to eat a variety of produce and not simply different versions of the same plant
» Adding in wild plants, sea vegetables, and medicinal herbs
» Learn the value in cooking in bulk
» Learn how fats add value to vegetable consumption


Week 4

Animal Foods

Animal foods have played a vital role in human evolution. From offals to fillets of fish, valuable nutrition comes from consuming and utilizing a wide variety of animal foods. In week 4, Chef Frank will help you understand why using the whole animal is of such great importance. 

During the week Frank will focus on poultry, red meat, and fish by sharing proper cooking techniques and recipes for you to try out at home. From raw preparations to slow cooking for hours, you will end the week with a better understanding of how to properly cook a wide variety of cuts. 

Week 4 Objectives:

» Understand the primal cuts of meat and learn which cooking technique is best for each
» Nothing Awful about Offals - Why organ meats are an essential part of our diet
» Searing and creating pan sauces 
» Importance of the egg
» How to properly cook poultry
» Building flavor through marinating
» Process and prepare fish and shellfish


Week 5

Food Preservation

From fermenting to curing, food preservation is a necessary tool we can use to help create food security, lengthen the season, and build nutrition.

Week 5 will explore a variety of Frank's favorite preservation methods for everything from meat to herbs, using everyday ingredients to help keep the foods we love available to us for longer periods of time. 

Week 5 Objectives:

» Fermentation - Year round culturing
» Curing - The importance of salt and food preservation
» Herb oils - Summer sunshine in a bottle
» Boosting immunity with vinegar extracts
» Canning - The 400 item pantry
» Learn how to set up a drying station and use the sun to preserve your food

BONUS Module:


Everybody loves the occasional sweet treat, but many just don't know who to whip up a delicious dessert. Many of the desserts we have grown to love are laden with processed sugars and refined flours, making them less optimal for our bodies. In the bonus module, Chef Frank will share some of his go to techniques for upgrading classic recipes so that we can enjoy our desserts without the guilt. 

How to make chocolate from scratch

Desserts with low glycemic sweeteners

Upgrading & updating traditional dessert recipes

Crafting desserts from ingredients fresh from the garden

Creating simple easy to digest treats

Whip up delicious butter-based goodies

How is this course facilitated? 

We have an online virtual classroom where you can access videos, assignments, and course materials. You will also be able to connect with fellow students and Chef Frank in the classroom's virtual forum, as well as in the private Facebook group where discussions will be moderated throughout the day. In addition to the virtual class room, Frank hosts a once weekly one hour live video call. If you can't make the call, no worries, we record each one and deliver it to your inbox along with your weekly assignments! 

All course material can be viewed (or downloaded) on your personal computer or device.


Is Chef Frank's Traditional Cookery Training for you?

This course is perfect for you if you...

☞  Want to impress your guests with the food you create

☞ Want a highly functional kitchen that you use

☞ Want to create food that is Paleo-friendly, Clean-approved, Nourishing Traditions inspired, with an emphasis on Farm to Table

☞ Are uninspired by the results you're currently getting in the kitchen 

☞ Want to be able to cook nutritious foods that energize you and give you pleasure

☞ Want to take back your health and the health of your family

☞ Have been waiting for a comprehensive course that covers cuisine, culinary skills, and nutrition

☞ Have been waiting for the "perfect" time to take a course because of your schedule and need a flexible format for learning

☞ Are willing to put aside everything you think you know about food preparation to take on cooking taught by Chef Frank as a joyful experiment

☞ Are ready for a total paradigm shift in the way you relate to food, cooking, and health

☞ Can see that where you are headed with food is a recipe for disaster and need a complete overhaul

☞ Are ready to take the time to create a lifestyle conducive to health and well-being

☞ Love the idea of voting with your money by purchasing from your local farmer rather than corporate companies 

☞ Want total kitchen confidence 

☞ Want to cook the holiday meals for your family

What's included in the course? 

 5 Weeks of Instructional Videos with Chef Frank

5 Weekly Homework Assignments

Continued Email Support

Online Virtual Classroom for Entire Course

Private Facebook Group

Creating a Healing Kitchen E-Book

Chef Frank's Kitchen Essentials Recipe E-Book

Chef Frank's Butter Book E-Book

All 6 Live Video Q&A calls in Frank's Kitchen (weekly plus bonus wrap-up call)

Special BONUS Dessert Making Week!

About Chef Frank

Frank Giglio wears many hats. At age 15, he fell in love with the fascinating world of food. Eager and intrigued, he began apprenticing directly under some of the top chefs in the US, which instilled a deep understanding of the creative process in working with food. He became a classically trained chef at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT, Years later would go on to graduate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, a program would change the course of Frank’s cooking and lifestyle.  

While Giglio’s culinary offerings are based in classic technique and traditional foods preparation, he has also been immersed in using food as medicine. Wearing his chef’s hat, he focuses on sustainable cuisine, seeking the highest quality foods grown locally and harvested in season, supporting the crucial farm to table method of preparing food. He remains deeply connected to the earth in his daily life, merging herbalism and living food nutrition with wild food foraging. Frank creates innovative dishes that are wholesome, full of vitality and have a very small ecological footprint. He is blessed to share this passion with his clients and also with his wife and their young son.

Frank and his family live off-the-grid in midcoast Maine, where enjoys spending as much time as possible outdoors, which he believes directly influences his time in the kitchen. He competes in endurance events through the mountains, prowls the woods for wild edibles, seeks out and collects spring water, seamlessly blending his love of nature with his love for food and authentic nourishment.

Giglio's adventurous culinary offerings have been showcased throughout the health community as Frank is the featured chef for NY Times Best-Selling Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Eats cookbook. Frank has catered weddings, special events, and weekend workshops across the country and regularly feeds guests at Daniel Vitalis and Arthur Haines primitive skills courses. Through his many ventures and projects, Frank Giglio is helping to bring the local and sustainable food movement to communities everywhere, making it extremely accessible and incredibly delicious!


Course Cost:

$349 or 2 payments of $175


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