Happy Heart Elixir

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Happy Heart Elixir


Happy Heart Elixir is a delicious combination of fruits, fungi, and flavors, harvested mostly here at Three Lily Farm. This product started with a 6-month infusion of organic apricots in brandy. Once strained, the brandy served as the base to tincture a trio of mushrooms harvests off the Maine landscape. Hawthorne berries came from the north-west corner of our property, where we have a bountiful plant growing amongst lilacs and a beautiful Douglas fir. Wild cherry bark and cacao nibs add a slightly bitter flavor which assists the digestive system based on apricot infused brandy, these 

Enjoy one dropper full under the tongue or splash a squirt or two in your favorite cocktail or sparkling water. 


  • Organic apricot infused brandy
  • local honey
  • hawthorne berries
  • chaga mushroom
  • wild cherry bark
  • maitake
  • cacao nibs
  • reishi mushroom 


  • 1 ounce (30 ml)


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