Culture of Personality: A Guide to Fermentation

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Culture of Personality: A Guide to Fermentation


80 pages of valuable information, including:

>> 30 Fermentation Recipes: You will learn to make your own Salsas, Krauts, Pickled veggies, Extracts, Heavy Cheeses, Light Fizzy Beverages and more.

>> A Brief History of Fermentation: Understand why these recipes are “Time Tested, Culture Approved”

>> Breakdown on Bacteria and How It Influences our Genetics: Empower yourself with every decision you make every day, knowing that you are building strength with each generation.

>> What Salt to Use and Why: Celebrate millennia of culture and walk with confidence into the culinary arts using the right salts.

>> How does Fermentation affect our Microflora? Discover more reasons to enjoy the process of making fermented foods with your family. Give your gut all the support it needs to support you.

>> What do Epigenetics have to do with fermentation?

>> Learn the most optimal tools you'll need for making any fermented food.

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