Imagine a kitchen that inspires you to get busy with a multitude of creations every day... 

Does this exist in your every day? Do you walk into your kitchen and feel stressed by the clutter, lack of cleanliness, or mayhem created by others? 

Let NY Times Best Selling Chef Frank Giglio lead you through a 2 week mini-course to get your kitchen to the place where it continues to inspire you. 

This topic is an important one for us, so we've decided to create this course to start you off in 2015 in the right direction. This 2 week course is an easy one to commit to and complete at your own pace.

We want you to feel your absolute best every day. And it starts in your kitchen. 

Creating a healthy kitchen is your own home medicine cabinet. It goes beyond the food you cook and eat in it. What gear you are using to prepare the food, what cleaners you use, and what your ingredients are stored in, all play a role in the quality of your meals. 

Move around in your kitchen. Does the layout feel good to you? Unfortunately, not every kitchen was setup with efficiency and success in mind. It's not always realistic to tear down walls and build your exact dream kitchen overnight, so you need to make the most out of the space that you have.

We want you to feel comfortable, inspired, and efficient in your own kitchen.

Find out the tips and tricks from Frank to set yourself up for success. 

☞ Learn how to create sacred space in your kitchen

☞ How to do a Kitchen Sweep & keep your cupboards and pantry organized

☞ Find out what foods you might have lurking in your cabinets that are dangerous

☞ What ingredients to stock in your pantry and why

☞ What brands to stick to when purchasing condiments

☞ How to care for cutting boards, cast iron pans, and more kitchen gear

☞ What knives to actually use and how to maintain them

☞ How to replace harmful cleaning products with every day ingredients

☞ Learn to create your own sanitizers


Why start 2015 with us? As the New Year approaches, millions of people commit to improving their lives in the upcoming year. We see many people join gyms, try out a cleanse, or take part in the latest fad diet in hopes to get healthier.

Meanwhile, their kitchen still contains toxic chemicals, processed foods, unfavorable kitchen gear, and just overall clutter. 

In many parts of the world, January is an unfavorable month to try out restrictive diets or cleanses. For many of us, it's a time of reflection, going inward, and a time to make goals for the spring. This course is designed to help you dial in your kitchen, providing you with a healthy space to create nourishing meals for yourself and your family. 


Here's what you get in this 2 Week Mini-Course:

Week One:

— Intro with Chef Frank

— Do a Kitchen Sweep

— Find out what ingredients or cleaners are not safe for your kitchen

— What Equipment to have on hand

— Review and discuss the layout of your kitchen - Rearrange as needed!

— Live Spreecast with Frank in his kitchen


Week Two:

— How to stock your pantry

— The biggest and best ingredient list 

— What brands to purchase from and why

— How to care for your kitchen gear

— Set yourself up for success

— Live Spreecast with Frank in his kitchen


Also Included:

Instructional Videos with Chef Frank

Homework Assignments

Email Support

Online Virtual Classroom for Entire Course

All  Live Video Q&A calls in Frank's Kitchen (also recorded for later viewing)

All course material can be downloaded to your personal computer or device. Basically, you have the info for a lifetime!

*Please note: While we feel that you will get the most out of this course if you join the momentum of the other students and complete in real time, all lessons and assignments can be viewed and completed at your own pace. All calls are recorded and can be viewed at any time as well.

Chef Frank's Food Philosophy

My passion for food stems from the desire to live a vigorous and harmonious lifestyle, one that is closely connected to nature. In order to be on top of my game, day in and day out, I choose to eat the foods that will allow my body to excel, as well as my family's, toward greatness. The foods we choose to eat will either encourage or hinder our bodies ability to adapt to the outside world.

With learning to cook wholesome meals, utilizing fresh, nutrient dense ingredients, you can begin to shift your body and mind towards balance. Cooking from scratch is one of our greatest allies when we have the desire to eat, look, and feel good.

Without focusing on one particular diet, my culinary inspiration comes from a melange of dietary principles — including traditional diets, wild foods, clean eating, raw food, farm to table and nose to tail style of food preparation. 

About Chef Frank

Frank Giglio is a classically trained chef at the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. Years later, he would go on to graduate from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC, a program would change the course of Frank’s cooking and lifestyle.  

While Giglio’s culinary offerings are based in classic technique and traditional foods preparation, he has also been immersed in using food as medicine. He focuses on sustainable cuisine, seeking the highest quality foods grown locally and harvested in season, supporting the crucial farm to table method of preparing food. 

Giglio's adventurous culinary offerings have been showcased throughout the health community as Frank is the featured chef for NY Times Best-Selling Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Eats cookbook. Frank caters weddings, special events, and weekend workshops across the country. Through his many ventures and projects, Frank Giglio is helping to bring the local and sustainable food movement to communities everywhere, making it extremely accessible and incredibly delicious!

Join Frank and learn how to set yourself up for success from anywhere in the world! You'll also be able to have Frank and the lessons right there in your kitchen with you from any device you like.



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