Over the years. we have received a lot of questions in reference to feeding a family. These questions range from potent prenatal foods to tips on pleasing everybody in the family come meal time. 

How do we make sure our children and ourselves are getting optimal nutrition? How can we plan ahead and or eat on the go and still consume densely nourishing foods? 

Frank's passion for cooking fresh, seasonal ingredients has been directly influenced by having a family. As parents and guardians of two children, we feel it is essential to provide them with the proper building blocks so that they may grow healthy and strong. The foods they eat in their younger years will play an important role on their health as adults. 

We are excited to put together this 2 week virtual course to help inspire you to provide wholesome and nourishing food for your family.

From Kitchen Sweeps to One Pot Meals, we will cover a lot of ground and give you a solid base to take your cuisine to a new level. 


It is important that in addition to nourishing our bodies, food also must nourish our taste buds. A healthy dietary philosophy should be as inclusive as possible to allow supporting as many different ways of eating as possible while avoiding feelings of deprivation.
— Sally Fallon

Chef Frank’s Food Philosophy

Preparing food is my art. It’s truly a creative expression for me, and it’s a deeply fulfilling act to nourish and feed my family. Working with food for the last 20 years has also been the way I’ve sustained myself financially. It started as just a job at the age of 15, and has blossomed into a full blown passion. Throughout all of my years of preparing food, I’ve also become well immersed in the health food world. This has helped garner a profound understanding of how the food I eat literally becomes me.

Nowadays, the many different aspects of making a meal consume a great portion of my free time; with days off spent cooking for the family, I might also be off foraging, hunting, fishing, or tending to the small garden I keep at our off-grid home in Maine.

Through my craft I’ve also come to feel deeply connected to the Maine landscape and the time of year. It’s my belief and approach that the location and season depict what should be harvested, and therefore consumed. Tuning in to the natural rhythms of the earth bring about balance and a sense of coexistence for me. By eating a seasonally based diet, I’m able to capture ingredients at their peak flavor and freshness, as well as their maximum nutritional output.

As the seasons pass and different ingredients become available, I work to weave them into my daily creations. Each ingredient comes to the kitchen with a different quality, feel, flavor, and phytochemistry, and these characteristics greatly influence the way I prepare a dish. I apply a variety of food preparation techniques to preserve the bounty of the seasons, including curing, fermenting, pickling and canning. These preservation techniques allow me to enjoy locally available ingredients months beyond their season. Beyond that, certain ingredients require additional processing to make them edible, more nutritious, or more palatable.

There are no shortcuts in my diet, nor in the cuisine I prepare for my family or clients. It is my goal to serve purposefully prepared, authentic meals that are not only satiating, but immensely flavorful.

It is important to never break the chain of traditions, because once it is one generation removed, it becomes very difficult to bring it back.
— Magnus Nilsson

2 Weeks of Feed Your Family


Week 1: Foundations

Before diving deep into recipes, it is important to create a solid foundation to work with.  

 Week 1 Topics Include:

  • Frank's Food Philosophy + What to Eat

  • Importance of the Kitchen Sweep

  • Meal Planning ~ Being Efficient in the Kitchen

  • Essential Cooking Techniques to Learn

  • Optimal Equipment + Storage




Week 2: Cooking

Week 2 will dive deep into the recipes, offering guidance from breakfast to dessert 

Recipes & Techniques Covered:

  • The Kitchen Basics

  • Stocks & Broths

  • Morning Nourishment 

  • One Pot Meals

  • Dinners


 Why would i want to take this course?

☞  Learn how to become more efficient in the kitchen

☞  Learn why Traditional Diets are more nutrient dense then the Standard American Diet.

☞  Pick up Tricks and Tips for sneaking in "medicine" into your family meals

☞  Improve your gut health by adding more probiotic rich foods into your diet

☞ Be better prepared for family meal times and packed on the go lunches

☞ Expand your recipe repertoire

☞ Feel more confidence in the kitchen and with the foods that you feed your family

☞ Have a professional Chef answer your questions!

☞ Add in ease of digestion with your meals

☞ Be equipped to add a variety of flavors to seasonal ingredients


What's included in this course?


☞ Daily Lessons and Instructional Videos with Chef Frank

☞ Weekly Homework Assignments

☞ Plenty of Recipes to Nourish You & your Family!

☞ Email Support

☞ Private Facebook Group

☞ Online Virtual Classroom for Entire Course

☞ Live Lessons in Frank's Kitchen (also recorded for later viewing)

☞ Q&A with Chef Frank in the private Facebook Group and Virtual Classroom

☞ All course material can be downloaded to your personal computer or device. Basically, you have the info for a lifetime!

Please note: All weekly lessons and assignments can be viewed and completed on your own time.

All calls are recorded and can be viewed at any time. 


About Chef Frank


Born and raised along the Connecticut shoreline, Frank Giglio began his culinary career at the age of 15, when he first stepped into a professional kitchen. With a desire to learn more and deepen his skills , he headed north to the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier, VT. After completing apprenticeships in Portland, OR and Boston, Frank spent the next few years cooking his way across the country, making it as far west as Alaska, where he learned to cook wild game like wild salmon, moose, king crab, and elk.

In 2003, Frank felt the call to leave the restaurant industry and begin his journey into seeing food as medicine. For the next 4 years, he would learn an array of alternative diets, experimenting on himself and his clients. During this time, Frank would attend the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.

Years would pass with Frank honing his skills before moving to Maine and purchasing an off-the-grid home with his wife Camille, where they began homesteading on Three Lily Farm. The pair and their boys can be found foraging, gardening, raising animals, and producing value added products for their shop Three Lily Provisions.  


Join Chef Frank and learn how to nourish yourself and your family, from anywhere in the world!

You'll also be able to have Frank and the lessons right there in your kitchen with you from any device you like - anywhere in the world.

Live Lessons & Facebook Group begins week of May 14th

Course Cost: $125



Payment forms welcomed:

We're so confident that you are going to love every little piece of our Feed Your Family Course. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of Chef Frank's 2 Week Feed our Family Course, please contact us for a full refund within 14 days of after completion of course. Refunds are only available with submission of all completed assignments and proof of participation in order to be eligible within 14 days.


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