Farm to Canvas Art

Aimee & Dennis Perrin are the parents of Camille Giglio, co-owner and director of Three Lily Farm.

Coined by Aimee Perrin, Farm to Canvas Art is the intersection between our passion for real, local, sustainably grown food from small farms, and our love for painting. All of our Farm to Canvas paintings have subjects that were grown or raised within 100 miles of where we live. Living in Maine, with its bounty of fresh and local food, has given us a deep appreciation for the gifts of the land. As trained artists, we seek to honor the beauty of food through our own special gifts. 

~Aimee & Dennis Perrin

Dennis Perrin

Dennis Perrin can best be described as a painter of light as it illuminates and describes the subject. He has been called a painterly American Impressionist in the Boston School tradition, and that is not surprising since among his greatest influences are the American Painters John Singer Sargent, Edmund Tarbell, and Frank Benson, as well as the French painter Henri Fantin-Latour. Other major influences have been Diego Velasquez, Johannes Vermeer,  Thomas Dewing, Maxfield Parrish, Joseph DeCamp, and so many others. A former member of the Guild of Boston Artists, Mr. Perrin paints in order to express his great love for the beauty seen all around, especially in his immediate environment. Dennis studied at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art with M. Dell Weller, who taught him the power of seeing and translating that vision into paint. He continues his studies exploring the subtleties of light through paint. Among his favorite subjects are the human figure, clothed and nude, flowers, still life, and the interior space, often populated with one or more figures. Teaming with his wife, Aimee and longtime model, Dennis's latest project and passion has been paintings of food known as Farm to Canvas Art.

Aimee Perrin

Aimee Perrin studied art and received her B.A. from Southeastern Louisiana University in 1976. Throughout home life, three children, home schooling, and modeling for husband Dennis's paintings, she has maintained a lifelong love for food and its contributions to health and healthful living. In 2014, she returned to her artistic roots, picking up the brushes to revisit oil painting. This time she decided to honor her love for food by choosing to paint favorite subjects: beautiful, luscious, locally grown food! In the process, Aimee coined the phrase Farm to Canvas Art.

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