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Wildcrafting Herbal Medicine with Arthur Haines

The class will be taught by Arthur Haines (who personally uses plants, fungi, and lichens for all medicinal needs).  Class will be offered at the Delta Institute of Natural History in Canton, ME (click here if you need directions) and run from 6:00 pm Friday to approximately 12:00 pm Sunday.  All food will be included and prepared by Chef Frank Giglio.  Expect local, wild, and/or organic food offerings from the four food kingdoms prepared in a traditional manner (i.e., a Weston Price-inspired menu).

Coping with and recovering from illness, injury, and debility has always been part of being human.  And for these complaints, plants have served as the major source of medicine.

This class will examine the use of wild plants, fungi, and lichens for healing sickness and injury and supporting the body. Students will learn a suite of species that grow in New England that can be used for many common ailments, such as colds, infections, gastrointestinal upset, headaches, dermatitis, insomnia, etc.  The species discussed on this day will mainly be those that have modern study corroborating indigenous use.  Methods of collecting will be discussed, as well as directions for making various types of medicine (e.g., infusions, decoctions, poultices, tinctures, double extractions).  A double extraction of a wild-collected mushroom (such as chaga, hemlock reishi, or turkeytail) will be prepared during this class and students will leave with this medicine that can be used for bolstering immune system function, as a powerful antioxidant, killing viral pathogens, and fighting cancer.  Throughout the day, stories and examples will be shared demonstrating how plant-based medicines have preserved life and influenced aboriginal and contemporary people.