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Farm & Forage Kitchen Dinner Series

The Farm & Forage dinner series is a celebration of Maine and the wonderful selection of ingredients that come from the landscape of of the midcoast and beyond. Each dinner is meant to capture the terroir of the seasons while incorporating choice ingredients preserved in seasons past.

Each dinner highlights the many food producers who present their goods at the Saturday indoor farmer’s market, serving locals and those visiting from afar. Chef Frank works directly with these farmers to purchase the highest quality ingredients, selected in their peak season where flavor and nutrition are at their highest. A majority of the ingredients that are served during the dinner are purchased that morning and processed just hours before guests
arrive for the meal. Again, this ensures fresh, wholesome ingredients will grace your palettes through the 4 courses provided.

The dinners cost $50 per person, for 4 courses. Tax & Gratuity
are not included.

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Shaved Radish Salad

spring greens. pickled veggies. aged garlic


Shiitake & Oyster Mushroom Crepes

salt cured yolks. thyme crema


Grilled Monkfish

crispy bacon. milkweed shoots


Cast Iron Skillet Rhubarb Cake

whipped cream