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Ancestral Fire Workshop: Building Fire & Primitive Cooking

Enjoy a weekend spent off-grid learning one of humans most innate skills, making fire. What was once a vital technique for keeping us alive, is now seen as a fringe skill geared for preppers and survivalists.


During your time spent at Three Lily Farm, we will demystify friction fire, as we utilize the forest to build your own bow or hand drill kit. With a better understanding of creating fire, we will also share a variety of techniques for cooking with fire. Our hope is to help you more easily engage in this primitive act and use it to create wholesome, delicious food. 

Join Chef Frank & Special Guest Elliot Cluba of Herbs & Arrows

The Fire & Earth retreat is geared towards helping people connect more deeply with the landscape, while enjoying delicious, nourishing cuisine, meeting new people from across the globe, and taking a break from the day-to-day hustle. We are an off-grid homestead located on 26 acres in midcoast Maine. Our goal is is to provide a space where we can reconnect, while learning traditional skills both in and outside of the kitchen. 

Weekend Breakdown


Friday ~ We start welcoming guests around 1 pm and will kick things off with an opening circle around 5 pm. Following introductions, we will share a meal together before getting cozy and kicking off the weekend with a presentation from Elliot and Frank. Guests are welcome to hang by the fire into the night as they wish, hopefully soaking up a star filled night. 


Saturday ~ Warm beverages and silky smoothies will be offered early in the morning before starting off the day with a bit of movement led by Elliot. Following up with a hardy breakfast spread as we go through the plans for the day. Elliot will then lead students into the fire making kit as Frank sets up the hearth for cooking and demoes. Lunch will be followed by chill time to enjoy the pond and afternoon sun. More classes continue into the day before breaking for dinner and dessert. Fireside chats an fun beverages will take us into the night.

Sunday ~ Our last day together will start once again with coffee and smoothies before another movement session with Elliot. We will continue and finish up our bow drill kit during the morning before our final meal together and closing circle. 

What's Included?

6 locally centered organic meals

Hands on workshops and skill sharing with Elliot

Culinary workshops + demos with Chef Frank

A completed and proper bow drill kit to take home

Swimming in the spring fed pond

Fireside chats with the group and facilitators

Foraging & time spent outdoors & off-grid

Frank's specialty lacto-fermented sodas

Join Elliot & Frank to have a better understanding of making fire, maintaining it for cooking, and understanding the variety of techniques one can use to cook over a fire.

Weekend Cost: $350 pp

July 6th - 8th, 2018 in Midcoast Maine

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