Culture of Personality: A Guide to Fermentation (ebook)

by Frank Giglio & Joshua Pfeil


If you want to gauge the quality of life within a country, you need only to look at their soil. If you want to gauge the quality of life within a person, you need only to look at their inner soil. — Unknown

Classically trained chef Frank Giglio and Fermentation enthusiast Joshua Pfeil are proud to bring you:

Culture of Personality: A Guide to Fermentation.

With a strong passion for eating nutrient dense foods, building healthy digestion, and continuing the quest for food sovereignty — Frank and Josh have formulated this recipe book to assist you on your health journey.


80 Pages of valuable information, including:

>> 30 Fermentation Recipes: You will learn to make your own Salsas, Krauts, Pickled veggies, Extracts, Heavy Cheeses, Light Fizzy Beverages and more.

>> A Brief History of Fermentation: Understand why these recipes are “Time Tested, Culture Approved”

>> Breakdown on Bacteria and How It Influences our Genetics: Empower yourself with every decision you make every day, knowing that you are building strength with each generation.

>> What Salt to Use and Why: Celebrate millennia of culture and walk with confidence into the culinary arts using the right salts.

>> How does Fermentation affect our Microflora? Discover more reasons to enjoy the process of making fermented foods with your family. Give your gut all the support it needs to support you.

>> What do Epigenetics have to do with fermentation?

>> Learn the most optimal tools you'll need for making any fermented food.

Fermented foods were a crucial part of the diets of our ancestors, and are just as important for us today. They establish a healthy digestive pH, restore the balance of probiotic organisms to our gut lumen, and render the nutrients in plant foods more bio-available. What's more, they are easy to produce at home, and all you need is a little guidance and a few good recipes. Having personally consumed more than what could be considered "my fair share" of Frank's home-made ferments, I can think of no one better to guide you through the process of fermentation. May it add both quality of experience and quantity of years to your life!

— Daniel Vitalis, Health Motivator

Creator of and

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Sample Page: Learn how to ferment wild food!


Sample Page: Learn how to ferment coconut water or milk into a nutritious probiotic rich Kefir!


Sample Page: Learn how to make fermented cheese from nuts and seeds!

mac cheese

Recipe Chapters Include:

→ Vegetable Ferments

→ Wild Food Ferments

 → Vinegar Extracts

→ Fermented Beverages

→ Fermented Seed/Nut Cheeses

→ Miscellaneous Recipes (includes Miso Soup, Sweet & Spicy Sauce, and much more!)

**PLUS: Clickable Table of Contents conveniently brings you to any chapter in the book without having to search.**

For the cost of approximately 2 jars of sauerkraut and a kombucha at the store - you can learn how to make 20+ fermented foods and more!

Knowledge that you get to keep forever.


We're so confident that you are going to love every drop of this E-Book. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase of the Culture of Personality E-Book, please contact us for a full refund within 14 days of purchase.