Winter Salad Cravings

Around the same time every winter, I start craving salads. It's about that midway point of winter when it's been mostly roots, broths, and soups for the majority of our meals. Luckily here in Maine, there are a couple of great sources for salad greens grown even during the winter. Last weekend we stopped at the Portland Farmer's Market and picked up tomatoes, salad greens, pea shoots, carrots, and an especially interesting look beet (crapaudine beet).

Normally, we have Franky's homemade sauerkraut on hand at our house, but we just recently finished the last bit and the next batch isn't quite ready yet. So we picked up some yummy Ruby Kraut from 30 Acre Farm - my all time favorite sauerkraut.

I generally love having fermented foods, i.e. sauerkraut, with nearly all of my meals. The probiotics in the fermented veggies feel very healing to me personally, and I can feel them helping to balance my gut flora. The right kind of fermented foods are good for anyone in my opinion, and especially great for anyone recovering from years of processed foods, anyone with digestive or gut issues, and so many more things.

One of my favorite books on the subject: Gut & Psychology Syndrome

Some of my favorite salad variations in the winter months:

  • carrots
  • beets
  • homemade cheese
  • wild rice
  • soaked and dried seeds (sunflower, pumpkin)
  • hard boiled eggs
  • seaweeds
  • tomatoes (when available!)
  • avocadoes


  • a bed of greens of course!
  • red onions
  • Spirulina Gamasio!!
  • cheese - raw cheese or Franky's homemade
  • dulse
  • sauerkraut
  • dressing

We usually like to keep a variation of a vinaigrette on hand. Franky makes a great one with just olive oil, apple cider vinegar, stone ground mustard, and his  Mediterranean Seasoning Salt. We have a designated glass bottle for dressing so that's always an easy one! I have also been known to use plain raw cream drizzled right onto the salad as my dressing! It's absolutely delicious, I recommend trying that one if you can get raw cream where you live.

A fond memory that I have growing up is always having these gorgeous rainbow beautiful salads at our meals thanks to my mom. The colors made it exciting to eat!

Wilder happily chowing a salad.

What about you? Do you live in a place that is easy to get fresh local all winter long? Do you mostly live on roots and soups in the winter?