Bone Broths

Soup and a Snow Day: December 17, 2012


The snow began to fall around midnight and would continue  throughout the the upcoming day. Despite the cool weather outside, it was a perfect day for getting as much done outdoors before the snow covered the ground until spring time. With the wood stove cranking all day, it felt appropriate to not only use it for our source of heat, but also as a cooking apparatus.   So, I filled the stock pot with freshly collected spring water, a few grass fed beef soup bones, mirepoix, and my usual suspects of medicinal mushrooms and Maine kelp. A splash of apple cider vinegar and let it simmer. After a few hours of cooking, I strained off the liquid and used it to cook some red rice, kale, and turmeric. Served with a big scoop of South River miso and my homemade tomatillo hot sauce, the whole family was nourished! Meals like this are common here in the cooler months. Not only are they warming and satiating, but they provide the proper nutrients to keep our immune systems strong. Wilder loves the soft, tender meat that falls off the bone. He knows the good stuff!

Supreme Immunity w/ Chicken Stock

Supreme Immunity w/ Chicken Stock

There’s something about sipping a hot bowl of freshly made chicken soup that really does nourish the soul. Chicken stock is a simple technique that does not require a lot of hands on work. Simply add all the ingredients into a pot, bring it to a boil, then allow the veggies and liquid to simmer for a few hours. Store bought stocks and broths are not optimal because most of added salt and sometimes, even sugar.