Spring Cleaning - The Kitchen Sweep

About once every 2 months I do a kitchen sweep. It's where I rummage through the pantry, drawers, cupboards, and shelves, assess what I have then clean everything up. It feels so good to does this and often leaves me inspired to try ingredients that have been tucked away for months. 

Most people are use to spring cleaning their home, but the kitchen doesn't always get the attention it deserves. You'd be surprised by how many outdated ingredients, nearly empty jars, or crusty ingredients you'll find!

I want to encourage you to reassess your kitchen, clean it out, and fall in love with cooking healthy, whole-food based meals for you and your loved ones. A kitchen sweep might just be a proper action step to get things moving!

Lets play a little game! Show me your before and after photos and be entered in a chance to win a spot in my upcoming 6 week online culinary school.

So, crack open a nice bottle of vino, crank some tunes and lets do this!

Step One: Make Space

Clear off your counters or dinner table because you're going to need somewhere for the items in your pantry to land.

Step Two: Empty Your Cupboards

Seriously, take every single jar, box, bag, or sprouting potato out of all the places you store food.  Use some vinegar water and clean those shelves, which are likely covered with a bunch of schmutz. You can hold off on the freezer and fridge, we'll get there later. 

Step Three: Assess

Start browsing through the likely massive pile of ingredients you now have created. Check the Sell/Use By dates, look for mold, critters, hardened ingredients, or any unknown items. Compost, recycle, or toss any mysterious items.

Step Four: Condense and Consolidate

Do you have 1 cup of ingredients in a gallon sized jar? Huge bags with barely anything in there? Now's the time to start placing ingredients in properly sized containers. If you are like me and you have a problematic need to save every glass jar you've ever used, then you should have no problem finding a smaller jar. 

Step Five: Label

I can't tell you how often I forget to label an ingredient then months later, I just can't seem to find it. I know I bought plenty and I know it's in my cupboard, but without a label, I sometimes can't tell what's what. So bust out a Sharpee and a few labels, and put em on everything!

Step Six: Reorganize

Now that you've done all the dirty work, it's time to reorganize your cupboards. Place large containers in the back, smaller up front and keep similar items together. Notice how neat and organized everything looks now. 

Step Seven: Onto the Fridge

Now's the time to feel good about what you've just accomplished and move over to the fridge. Then the freezer!