Sous-Chef, Sous-Mama

Today we are sharing a story from our friend Katey, our new intern and latest addition to our team. We loved her musings on Labor Day and thought you would enjoy! 

It is perfect that my internship at Three Lily Farm was marked by the coming of Labor Day 2014. A little historical exploration of Labor Day reveals that the first of September came to be a tribute to the contributions workers have made to strengthen the prosperity and well-being of our country. I love the contribution that Three Lily is to both the local and global culture with their comprehensive eco-education brought to you by their utopic premises in Maine and many a video, blog, or teleseminar. Their teaching of can-do abundance off the land is far reaching and is a much needed and dying art to the population at large. I personally know the farm, in all its physical majesty to have facilitated the transformation of the lives of those who were running low on well-being in short two and half day visit. This anecdote includes me AND several others, whom I now call friends. Legit, it is magical here. This September first was labor day of love!

For the first time in my life I am excited and honored to be contributing my efforts, energy, gifts, and strengths to that which is my “employer”. I am 100% all in with no reservations. I fully endorse everything that practiced and offered by Three Lily as a farm, business, school, retreat center, and family! Historically, the places that I’ve worked cared little, or not at all, what my preferences or particular strengths were, which I have discovered is to no one’s benefit. Generally, I could only stand behind certain parts of what they were offering to the world. Or I would try to create an “empowered context” to the work I was doing (tell myself a story about how I NEEDED to do this particular work that was so totally soul crushing- which was actually true, I did need to do it, but not for the reasons I thought at the time) if it was much misaligned. This circumstance was oft exacerbated by the cultural conditioning to suit up, show up, and suck it up.  Here’s a short Haiku I wrote about doing that:

No no no no no

No no no no no no no

No no no no no.

If you are in this place, you have my sympathy, and I encourage you to liberate yourself by observing what it is that really gets you fired up and calls you powerfully into action. Also this article, here, will provide ample fodder to find your freedom and perspective in the realm of work and career. 

So what calls me so highly and so powerfully into action at Three Lily Farm? Well, all this for sure: About TLF — but I can add to that! Much of what I have come to love was revealed through my process of personal transformation on the levels of my physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of being. Most of what I’ve discovered to be essential about my True purpose here (core values, passions, and unique strengths) as I navigate my process of restoration is hard to nourish while living in the standard American paradigm. Life as I have known it, until recently, has required me to have to fight for my health and well-being, to really go against the grain of the day to day whilst be relegated to the kooky fringes of society for standing for what I want and believe. Like sleeping when I’m tired. Moving my body throughout the day. Drinking fresh wild, water. Writing as I am so inspired. Eating local, whole, and wild foods. Meditating. Cooking. Laughing, having fun, and playing. Working really hard doing what I love, til I drop, and when it feels right…Napping, bare skinned, in the sunshine. As some of you know, the sun does shine everywhere at Three Lily ☺.

Ever asked anyone what they want for their life or what their unique gifts are? If you have, you’ve probably been looked at like you have two heads, OR the response was a wistfully wine-drenched jest spoken of as a pipe dream. Well, Three Lily is all dream and no pipe. 

A few good friends and teachers introduced me to the notion that vibrant health is my birthright. I’ve learned that the body and the universe are infinitely intelligent and that I needn’t do anything chemical or willful to manipulate a radiantly healthy expression of either… Like eating only 100 calories of peanut butter Oreos, getting on the elliptical for 45 monotonous minutes, or dosing myself with fluoride and birth control.  In fact, I’ve learned to undo nearly everything I’ve been conditioned to do. This process of growth and discovery has been one of undoing. We undo a lot at Three Lily. We honor the rhythmic and cyclic systems of our biosphere in a very comprehensive way. The seasonality of the various harvests of plants and animals — the water, the sunshine and the energy that we use, and the moonlight  plays a big part around here. 

This is where it gets really good. It takes more than shared values and interests to create connectedness between people. You may have experienced this when you’ve been on an EHarmony date — looks good on paper, but the picture doesn’t match the sound? That’s the worst. That’s part of the magic of getting Back to the Land. We straight vibin’ with each other!! No internet required. Just the plain ol’ natural unfoldment of friendship and relatedness. So, lucky for us, we’re not creeps and we figured it out without the use of internet-triage…or are we are all creeps together? Either way, I’ll be a fool in this paradise. 

Thus I am delighted to be interning as a Sous-Chef under Franky G, a Sous-Mama under Camille and getting a good tan along the way!! 


Meet Katey:

After having a miraculous health transformation while working with my own coach- healing digestive disease, mood disorder, and understanding and resolving a host of addictive behaviors, I became a coach to teach and share my transformation. I passionately lead others into their own health revolutions and I am committed to progressive growth and healing  on this planet. Looking at health through an evolutionary lens, I relish our Wild, natural, unrestrained, and inherent state of health as human beings. With a back to our roots philosophy, I work with the whole person- body, mind, and soul teaching true, autonomous well-being to have clients discover their natural vibrancy and aliveness. I received my training at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition and I offer individual health, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. Read more about Katey here.