How to make Compound Butter

buttered chicken

Things are quickly turning green here in Maine, which means our culinary herbs are growing rapidly under the sunshine! making compound butter is an easy way to incorporate herbs like parsley, thyme, and oregano into your diet. If you have access to quality butter, this recipe is a great way to merge herbs with a high quality saturated fat. Make a bunch and freeze so that you can enjoy throughout the year!

In the past I have made a wide assortment of compound butters, including:

  • Bacon-Chive
  • Roasted Red Pepper
  • Mixed Herbs
  • Chipotle
  • Lobster Roe
  • Roasted Garlic
  • Honey Butter
  • Citrus

There really is no wrong way to flavor your butter. Ue your imagination and experiment with different flavors and textures. Let me know what you come up with!


  • 1 pound Raw Butter (preferably from Grass Fed Cows)
  • 4 Tbsp Fresh Herbs (thyme, oregano, mint, parsley)
  • 2 tsp Sea Salt
  • 1/2 tsp Freshly Cracked Black Pepper


  1. First bring the butter to room temperature. If the butter is too hard, it will be more challenging to incorporate the herbs evenly.
  2. Cut the butter into chunks and add o a large bowl, food processor, or Kitchen Aid stand up mixer.
  3. Start whipping the butter until it starts to cream.
  4. Add the herbs, salt, and pepper, continue to whip until all evenly incorporated.
  5. Add 1/4-1/2 pound increments to a large sheet of parchment.
  6. Roll the parchment up as you would a sushi roll, forming a tight log.

Roll the ends and optionally tie them with kitchen twine.

Store in the fridge or freezer until ready to use.