Egg Week ~ The Omelette

Sunday brunch with the family is one of my favorite meals of the week and it is on those quite mornings that I enjoy stepping up the meal plan. While I usually prepare eggs top order for family and frequent guests, I tend to lean towards the omelette, which seems to be a well received delivery system for fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

Although most folks feel omelettes can't be prepared without a nonstick pan, I have come to learn that they can easily be created in your cast iron or stainless steel pan with ease and without the potential negative side effects associated with Teflon. 

Omelettes are a versatile preparation and allow you to really go all out with the fillings. Vegetables, greens, shrimp, shredded chicken, and heaps of cheese are all potential add-ons that can properly highlight quality eggs. If I am going to add cooked vegetables to my omelette, I get that all prepared before cooking the eggs. If you are cooking for a crowd, it is important to have all your mise em place ready to go so that you can cook each individual egg efficiently and in a timely manner.

How to Make an Omelette

Ingredients: Recipe is for 1 person

  • 2-4 tablespoons ghee or lard
  • heaping 1/4 cup veg or protein 
  • 3 eggs from happy hens
  • a few tablespoons of grated cheese, optional
  • sea salt and black pepper to taste


  1. Preheat the oven to 400 or set your broiler to high. 
  2. Heat a stainless steel pan over medium-high heat. Add the fat and allow it to get hot. You should see it start to smoke slightly. 
  3. While the pan heats, whisk the eggs well with a touch of salt and pepper. 
  1. Pour in the eggs and use a heat resistant rubber spatula to pull in the egg from the side while tipping the pan to let the uncooked egg fill the gap. Do this in a complete circle. Once th egg is 3/4 don, place the filling and cheese on the right half of the egg then place into the oven or under the broiler for about a minute. 
  2. Remove the pan from the oven and carefully shake the side with the filling off of the pan and onto a plate. as it touches the plate, use the pan to flip the other side of the egg over the filling to create a half moon. 
  3. Serve and enjoy!