DIY Toothpaste (Make your own!)

I've been wanting to share this toothpaste recipe for a while now.... I just recently made a fresh batch for the family, so I felt it was time to finally let you all in on the secret! The base of the toothpaste is clay - my favorite one to use is Bentonite Clay. I have made several variations of this toothpaste, but I continue to go back to the Bentonite after trying a couple of other options.

All ingredients:

5 parts Bentonite Clay

1 part Sea Salt or Himalayan Crystal Salt

20-30 drops Healthy Gums Essential Oil

10 Peppermint Essential Oil (or Cinnamon - go with your flavor preference)

2 parts Spring Water

I personally love the SurThrival Thriving Gum Drops - there are some other amazing ones out there from Living Libations as well!

Mix all of the ingredients in a dish or wide mouth jar. I have found it easiest to use the container that I will be storing the toothpaste in. Above when I listed the ingredients I chose the term "parts" for some of the amounts so you can choose how much to make. We have 3 people using it my house, so I would replace the "parts" with tablespoons for when I'm making it!

You may need to use more than 2 parts of water, use as much as you need to get the right smooth consistency. You will need to stir the ingredients for a while to get it smoothed out - I usually use just a metal fork to mash it all up.

I like to add the peppermint essential oil to get the extra "fresh" toothpaste feel. You may or may not need or decide to take this extra step, or you could go with cinnamon for this part if that's your thing.

Another quick rant I just want to point out.... I know soooooo many people who avoid plastic like the plague, yet twice a day they use a plastic toothbrush in their mouth to brush their teeth??? Think about it, how many times have you ever seen a non-plastic toothbrush?

My guess is that more tiny plastic particles come off during teeth brushing than a plastic bottle to the lips just due to the aggressiveness of the action! Anywho - here's my favorite and only toothbrush I use: 100% Bamboo Biodegradable Toothbrush. Extra special cool feature? Throw it in the compost when you are done with it. Bam!

That's it for now folks! Thanks for reading!

If you enjoyed this easy at home recipe, leave a comment below and let me know how it worked out!

This recipe got us a mention in GQ Magazine! Check it out: