Cooking with Fire - Saturday Night Dinner

Sometimes you cook a meal that's a straight up home run. After finishing your last bite, you give yourself an imaginary High-Five and sit back with a big smile on your face. This past weekend's meal was one of those means. I utilized just a few ingredients and prepared it so simply over an open fire.

Although I have cooked dozens of meals over the camp fire before, most times it's over the grill. This particular evening involved three separate techniques to cook three different ingredients.

Over a grill made of green birch twigs, I cooked fresh pollock from my recent fishing charter. Maine grown potatoes covered in hot coals, cooked underground. First blanched Milkweed then warmed in butter in my trusty Griswold cast iron pan.

We've been consuming lots of milkweed flowers since they came into season here on our land. Milkweed is one wild food that we can consume in abundance, and barely make a dent in the population. Check out my post on 5 Ways to Enjoy Milkweed Flowers from a couple years back.

This meal was a big inspiration for me, and I look forward to exploring the flames even further.