Reflections on my Traditional Cookery Course

Last night, several folks from around the globe joined me on Spreecast to watch a few demos and get their questions answered about my upcoming Traditional Cookery Course which starts March 9th. During the call I shared a brief history about my career and health journey which begun in March of 2003. Before tapping in to food as medicine, I was simply a cook who strived to make great tasting food using whatever ingredients I had on hand. I enjoyed my career, but was not connected to my food like I am today. It took radical changes in my diet for me to see and feel exactly what food did to my body. 

In July of 2008 I ran 100 miles in under 24 hour, earning the much deserved belt buckle for completion of the Vermont 100. If that distance isn't already enough, I did it all on fruit. Yup, nothing more than bananas, dates, oranges, melons, coconut water, and barley juice powder. It was one of the most challenging efforts in my life, but equally, one of most rewarding. Although my appearance and physical feats seemed that of a healthy individual, internally, my body was damaging itself. 

Nearly a year later, I began adding animal foods back into my diet and started to cook again. Nourishing Traditions was the first cookbook I picked up in years and I was focused and committed to a new way of cooking my food. Although culinary school taught me the classic French way to cook, it was the Ancestral knowledge that I lacked. Learning techniques like fermentation, soaking/sprouting, and nixtamalization allowed me to make better use of the food I was beginning to grow and forage myself. 

Today, after several years of honing in my skills, I feel a deeper connection to my food and the landscape. I have gained the knowledge to use the 4 seasons to plant, grow, harvest or forage, prepare, and preserve my food, utilizing a variety of techniques to make great tasting food that is good for the body and the environment. 

Sharing this knowledge is my passion and a part of my life's purpose, as I want everybody to reconnect with nature, and relearn how to best prepare meals for themselves, their friends, and their families. And graciously with the help of technology, from the comforts of your home kitchen. 

This course is my only offering that provides a full spectrum approach to cooking, from setting up your kitchen, filling it with the most optimal ingredients and equipment to a variety of cooking techniques. With the weekly discussions, Facebook group, and live calls, you have me to help lead the way for 5 weeks which can be the perfect potion for kickstarting your culinary endeavorers. 

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