Bulletproof Coffee Gets an Upgrade

BulletProof Coffee

Every morning I am forced to make a tough decision. How should I prepare my coffee? Most days I enjoy the most delicious cup of Joe with a splash of unpastuerized cream that we buy from the Amish down the road. The richness of the cream merged with a touch of stevia and locally roasted coffee beans makes for such an amazing experience that I often wish I can just sit and drink coffee all day. But, there are days when I have to be up and out the door in a hurry. With little time to make breakfast, I go to my backup, Bulletproof Coffee.. A few years ago, while sharing a home with a good friend in Jackson, New Hampshire, I was introduced to the idea of adding butter to blended drinks. We had a great source of local, raw butter, so my roomie would use the golden yellow goodness as his main source of fat in herbal elixirs. The thought of putting butter in a sweetened beverage was a bit strange at first, but after tasting, I realized how much of a game changer this idea was!

Fast forward to about a year ago. I was online doing some research and came across a website promoting Bulletproof Coffee. Cami and I immediately followed the recipe and was shocked at how amazing this buttered coffee tasted. We told all our friends and soon had a small community here in Maine sucking down copious amounts of Bulletproof Coffee on the daily!

Although I don't feel too inclined to change the recipe, I am always interested in making upgrades wherever and whenever possible. Just about everyday, especially in the winter, we consumed a lot of mushroom tea. Wild foraged turkey tail, reishi, and chaga mushrooms go into a large pot that is filled with fresh spring water that we gather form our local spring. A hour of boiling and you have yourself an immune boosting, vanilla like flavored tea that is off the charts delicious! So, we started brewing our favorite coffee in mushroom tea and haven't looked back.

What I love about Bulletproof Coffee, is its ability to not only provide a tasty morning beverage, but it also acts as a meal. By adding in the butter & coconut oil, you get hugh quality fats that will keep you satiated for hours. A mug of buttered coffee and you literally won't be hungry for hours. I have also noticed that because of the amount of fat, I get stimulated but not tweaked out from the caffeine. Dark roast helps too! We are also sure to use to good quality coffee beans that are roasted in small batches and not sitting on store shelves for months at a time.

So, have you tried Bulletproof Coffee? Let us know your thoughts down below!