Book Review - Foraging & Feasting

When actively trying to live a lifestyle that includes foraging and cooking wild foods, it is essential to have resources that can not only show you how to properly identify edible wild plants, but to also show you how to best prepare them. Thankfully there are books out there like Foraging and Feasting, which do exactly that. 

Last year I came across a Kickstarter campaign for a unique wild food focused cookbook entitled Foraging & Feasting. I remember being thrilled to see such a project and was delighted to see that they were easily backed by numerous donors and the book became a reality. I have finally gotten my hands on a copy and am thrilled to see this book in the flesh. 

With the beautiful artwork of professional illustrator Wendy Hollender, herbalist Dina Falconi is able to deliver a solid resource guide and cookbook featuring many plants that can be found throughout the east coast, New England, and select locations across the US and beyond. 

The recipes, over 100 of them, are traditionally based, meaning the ingredients are processed and prepared in a way to get the most nutrients possible.

I decided I would try out a recipe and decided on the herbal fish spread. With a few mackerel in the fridge I figured they'd be perfect for the recipe. The end result was delicious and tasted so good on some gluten-free crackers. 

One enjoyable feature in this book is what are called Master Recipes. This feature gives several variations on themes throughout the book. So, to add variety, work with various locations, and seasonality, Dina helps the reader understand that certain recipes can be made with several different ingredients. This is beneficial because sometimes you can't find ingredients where you live, or the season is simply not providing at that time of year. 

 Unfortunately, I did not grow up with a knowledge for identifying or consuming wild foods, so all that I know now had to be learned. As a part of the ReWilding community, I feel it is deeply important to learn how to eat food from your local ecosystem. Having teachers and quality resources like Foraging & Feasting is essential to help build the confidence to properly harvest food from the wild. I look forward to using this book as a guide for years to come. 

If you are a fan of wild foods or know someone who is, please check out the Foraging & Feasting website. And you can purchase your copy here!