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We are a young family living in the Midcoast Maine area. In 2012, we purchased an off-grid solar-powered home on 26 acres. With a passion for good food high in nutrition and living sustainably – Camille and Frank are here to share stories, recipes, and random bits and pieces about their daily life – bringing up their son Wilder, growing more and more of their own food, raising animals, working closely with the forest and the land around them, and becoming more in tune with the earth/moon rhythms.

You may be wondering – Why Three Lilies? Are you really a farm?

Our family's last name "Giglio" translates to "lily". Between Frank, Camille, and our son Wilder – there are three of us, hence the "Three Lily".

Our goal is to tread lightly on this earth and be stewards of the land by producing the highest quality foods without the detrimental effects of modern-day agriculture practices. Three Lily Farm is here to provide a place where nature, traditional food preparation and primitive skills can be learned and experienced for the betterment of society.

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